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There are many reasons why a tooth might need to be extracted. Rest assured that this is always a last resort. Your dentist will always try to save your tooth before choosing extraction. However in some cases, extraction is the best option. Teeth that are severely decayed, diseased, irreparable, or impacted should be removed to improve dental health. In such cases, tooth extraction is carried out under local anesthesia. We will numb the area surrounding your tooth, jaw, and gums and extract the tooth whole or in sections. Tooth extraction is a very common, painless procedure.


Everyone’s teeth need a good clean from time to time. Even with regular brushing, plaque and tartar can build up on our teeth. Plaque is a sticky, bacterial substance that forms on the teeth and multiplies as it encounters food and saliva. It’s vital to clean away plaque, as the toxins it produces can lead to gum inflammation and periodontal disease. We provide comprehensive dental cleaning that includes the removal of plaque and tartar, plus a final polishing. You’ll leave with a sparkling clean, fresh, and healthy smile.


Deep cleaning is especially important for patients who are suffering from gum disease. It can offset the impact of these conditions (i.e. tooth loss) and prevent the need for invasive procedures in the future. First, we will examine your teeth and gums to assess your overall dental health. If a deep cleaning is required, you may need to come in for two separate visits. The first is for a dental scaling, during which we remove the plaque and tartar from below your gumline, and the second is to carry out root planing to smooth over the teeth at their root and prevent future bacterial buildup.


If you are planning to receive a dental implant, you may need a bone graft. A bone graft is a routine procedure that serves to stabilize bone tissue in the jaw. We usually recommend bone grafting if a client has a more severe jaw injury or has been missing teeth for a long time. We need to ensure that your jawbone is strong enough to withstand the pressure of a dental implant. A bone graft adds mass to your jaw. This will give you the best chance of receiving a successful and durable dental implant.


Sealants are a reliable way to avoid cavities from forming. They are not a substitute for brushing and proper dental hygiene. However, they are a highly effective preventative measure that can prevent tooth decay. Applying dental sealants is quick, painless, and suitable for all ages – even if you have prior cavities. After we apply your sealant, food debris, bacteria, and acid will not be able to settle on your teeth meaning that your chances of future decay are significantly reduced.


Dentures are semi-permanent molds used to replace missing teeth. They benefit dental function, health, and appearance in individuals who have lost all or most of their teeth to decay, gum disease, or injury. Dentures are custom fitted to each mouth and can be inserted and removed as needed. There are numerous types of dentures, which we will discuss during our appointment before settling on the best option for you.



Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps build up tooth enamel and prevent cavities. It can be applied to your teeth in a gel, foam, or varnish that contains far greater amounts of fluoride than standard toothpaste. Fluoride treatment can even be as good as cosmetic dentistry, helping to make your teeth beautiful and sparkling.

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